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TV Review: Pepito Manaloto on Being Eco-Friendly

Pepito Manaloto (lead role played by Michael V.) has never yet failed to amuse me on weekends. I do not religiously watch it, but every time I get to catch its airtime, I find its episodes light and funny, but informative.  

In its recent episode, Pepito Manaloto started to employ eco-friendly practices in his house and his office regardless of its cost as long as he was able to help preserve the environment. He changed his car to a hybrid model, a combination of electric and gasoline engine; instructed his household and company to reduce, reuse and recycle; pledged to only consume organic produce; changed his appliances to energy-saving ones; and avoided many things that he deemed was destroying the ozone layer. If I were a multi-millionaire like his character, I would probably do the same.

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Film Review: Cowboys and Aliens

When I think of cowboys, two things come to my mind: the image of the young Lito Lapid riding a horse and firing at his enemies in his movies in the 80’s, and the movie, Brokeback Mountain, that made me cry a bucket. This time around, I am adding another association for cowboy movies -- that is having aliens as their enemies.

Cowboys and Aliens (2011) stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde. The film was based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same title created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, and was directed by Jon Favreau.

Film Review: Ang Babae sa Septic Tank

Ang Babae sa Septic Tank got me curious because it received several awards from the Cinemalaya Film Festival for the New Breed Full-Length Category -- Best Actress for Eugene Domingo, Best Screenplay for Chris Martinez and Best Director for Marlon Rivera (debut film), Best Picture, and Audience Choice Award. So I watched it.

The film was about these three (3) young filmmakers played by JM de Guzman, Kean Cipriano, and Cai Cortez working out their first indie film entitled “Walang Wala” (With Nothing). The filmmakers would like to showcase poverty in the Philippines, a common theme in indie films, because such topic was attention-getter in the international film festival scene. So they celebrate the squalor they see around them like having the perfect poverty-stricken shoot location. The poorer, the better; the dirtier, the more dramatic, thus, giving the material a higher potential to earn a spot in the international arena.

My First Stephanie Tolan - Surviving the Applewhites

There was something in the book that made me buy it. The discounted price, the attractive cover design, the synopsis, the author’s name. Probably. I seldom buy books from authors I haven’t read before or was not recommended by anyone. This one pulled me, perhaps the Newberry Honor seal was another factor. The seal indicates, I learned, that it was a runner-up of the John Newbery Medal, the first children’s literary award in the world given by the Association for Library Service to Children.

Yes, it was about a child, a delinquent teenager, Jake Semple, 14 years old. I felt an instant connection as I worked with women and children, who may or may not be delinquent, but have several issues making their lives difficult.
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