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Mega Follow Caravan

This is it! Hitting three birds in one stone. This is gonna be an exciting week for WBFC fans. All these were made possible by our three sponsors: mumwrites, Hands Full of Life and Postcard Enthusiast. We are gonna have three winners, too. Hopefully, I get to win this time.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme designed to help each other in terms of increasing their blog followers. 

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Miss `Chievous said...

Followed you. :)

reese said...

old liker and Twitter follower
new GFC follower

Genejosh said...


GFC: genejosh
Twitter: ExplorerFashion
FB: Fashion Explorers' Shoppe

WBFC #24 no.11 participant : Fashion Explorer

Inya said...

done following u on gfc (Ken Tuazon)
fb (Karen Tuazon)
and twitter (carpemalaya)

Mei Chagas said...

Followed you already. :)
Twitter username: jojomei
FB Name: Juenea Mei Chagas
GFC Name: Mei Chagas

I hope you follow back :)

JEF fLABbERGASt said...


please follow me as well

Rachelle said...

Hi! an old twitter follower as @zycryz. joined you on GFC and liked your fanpage.

leira said...

followed you by WFBC:

Janice said...

Did all three. :D

GFC: Janice Lim
FB: Janice Lim
Twitter: flippertail

Miss `Chievous said...

Done! :)

Edsie said...

Done!! If you haven't visited mine, I'll see you at my page.. thanks!!

Macherie said...

Followed GFC as Macherie
Twitter as macherietfd
Old Facebook page liker

Icar said...


i followed you in GFC:Icar(maria carmela maghirang)
twitter (@eekar)
liked your FB page (icar pampolina maghirang)

thanks and more power!

Icar of

Chinky Madrona said...

Followed! Thanks!

Facebook - /

Twitter -!/theshowbook

Google Friend Connect - Chinky Madrona

Krissycat said...

Done all three! Hope to see you around.

Visiting here from

Chie_Wilks said...

hello, visiting here from WBFC. done all the tasks

GFC: Chie_Wilks
FB: Chie Lopez W
Twitter: @garychie

i hope u could visit back and return the favor. here is my entry

Jheng Ingua said...

Done with the MEGA Follow
GFC and FB : Jheng Ingua
Twitter : Jadeingua

God Bless!

wifetoalineman02 said...

follow you Sis, hope that you can follow me back too

GFC wifetoalineman02
FB Jessica Cassidy
Twitter wifetoalineman

Liz said...

Followed GFC: Lizzy Overcashed
Twitter: @lizmoneyweb
FB Follower as Lizzie Dee
My entry for Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

Mommy Jes said...

done here! Thanks for visiting mine! :D

gfc : jesselyn Grace lising
twitter: jganlising
FB : momi jes

gagay said...

thanks for the MEGA FOLLOW..doing back the favor!

fb:gagay dinampo

cherry said...

hi, done all three...

GFC: lowfat diaries
FB: cherry rosales
Twitter: cherrylikes

*josie* said...

hi sis thanks for visiting.. followed back your GFC, Twitter and FB page. :D

Momma Helps

Manilenya Mom said...

Hi, done with the task!

 gmirage said...

GFC followed as Gizelle Khan
Twitter: g_mirage2
FB name: Matsumoto Chan. Happy Sunday!

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